Join Change 4 Children

Take your loose change and make a change in the lives of children!


Become a founding member of Change 4 Children, a new monthly recurring giving opportunity, allowing you to donate a set amount on a monthly basis. 

  • Supporters giving $10 a month will receive a grocery tote. With $10, United 4 Children can provide a childcare center a book that helps children understand and communicate their emotions.   

  • Supporters giving $25 a month will receive a water bottle and help United 4 Children provide a childcare center with a sensory item to help children with special needs meet development milestones.   

  • Supporters giving $50 a month will receive an umbrella. With $50, United 4 Children can purchase technology to help observe childcare classrooms virtually with a device that senses children’s motions and follows them around the room.   

  • Supporters giving $100 a month will receive a United 4 Children quarter zip sweatshirt and help United 4 Children support a childcare provider in purchasing study materials for the Child Development Associate program. 

You are an integral part of the United 4 Children community. Your monthly donation to United 4 Children helps bring equity to early childhood education and provide every child the foundation to thrive. 


The donation amount you indicate below will be automatically donated monthly. If you have questions, please be in touch with our Development and Event Coordinator Stephanie LaFleur at or 314-261-0902.


Please comment above if your mailing address is different from your billing address.

Thank you for joining Change 4 Children! You will receive a thank you gift soon. 

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